A: Why is there such a strong fixation by the West over Muslim women? This ‘white saviour’ complex should be rethought , one that only sees oppression in a person fully covered or not indulging in the norm they seem to think is the dominant one. What ignorance.

S: True, but sometimes this spotlight actually gives some sort of recognition to these Muslim women, ones that are only in the news because of being embodiments of fear and honour for the man upstairs.

A: Just because certain women cover themselves, does not mean they have been confined to a life behind four walls. They actually choose to wear what they want, freely.

S: Can you honestly say that the 10 year old girl, who covers her head, and has been taught to always be the symbol of honour for her family , chose herself to carry such a burden on her shoulders? Poor child. She must have been born with much greater thinking capabilities to also be aware of such responsibilities, whilst enjoying cartoons and colouring books.

A: Modesty is something sacred in religion. Why is that so hard to believe from a Western point of view? Rather than only criticising it, maybe they should try to understand it.

S: Understand it from the women who are not allowed to question it, or the men who have made them their sole tickets, for entering the gates of heaven?