Islamabad (PR) - More than 12,000 happy, engaged and motivated parents/families visited Roots Millennium purpose built campuses for Parent Teacher Meetings and Result Day in twin cities of Rawalpindi & Islamabad despite the unpleasant weather. This is a testament to the passion and personal interest millennial families take in the whole school development philosophy; where parental engagement is the single common denominator for our inclusive school growth. It was an occasion which allowed the parental community to witness the efforts towards the holistic development of Millennials with focus upon developing social skills such as citizenship, honesty, respect for others, kindness, cooperation, generosity, courtesy and respect for home, school and community. PTM is a three-way relationship between parent, child and the teacher to work together positively in order to bring out the child`s maximum potential. Both kids and teens do better in school when parents are involved in their academic lives. Attending parent teacher conferences is a way to be involved and help the child succeed.

Roots Millennium Schools, Pakistan strongly believe that connecting home and school is the best key to student success in the classroom. Teachers and parents can use these moments to establish a rapport and a partnership to develop a common goal that focuses on helping children have the best possible school experience. Parent Teacher Meeting is a great opportunity for educators and parents to share ideas and strategies that honor their shared responsibility in educating a child. Such conferences focus on academic learning, child`s behavioral and social development and individualized education plans.

In the words of a happy millennial parent “Parent Teacher Meetings can play a very important role in a student’s development and academic success by maintaining an open dialogue and comparing notes on the student’s achievements, personality or behavior.”

Another parent, who attended the PTM, said that it went better than she expected. “The teaching staff did an excellent job of preparing the student folders, planning for grade-specific activities and presenting the data. I appreciate their hard work,” she said. “Roots Millennium Schools has excellent teachers and they work hard,” she added

Parents got a glimpse of education strategy of the school and were made aware of their crucial role in catering to various needs of children with coordinated efforts of professionals, educationists, school counselors and luminaries of allied fields. The feedback given by the parents was very positive and the parents appreciated Roots Millennium Schools’ unique pioneer initiatives such as Chinese and German Language Classes, Millennium Learning Management System (Digitalizing Millennials), Green School Program, Robotics Program, MELT, Arts, Citizenship & Entrepreneurship classes, Sports actives, Music and UN action days and globalization. Excellent parental turnout was seen in all Roots Millennium Schools’ Islamabad and nationwide campuses.