“I want to call the attention of the Traffic Police to the foolhardy driving in Karachi. It appears as if the roads, the streets and the lanes have been made for the usability of buses, minibuses, trucks, taxis, rickshaws, motorcycles and cars only. They drive so heedlessly that it is treacherous to walk along the roads. These plying deaths take the life scores of faultless people daily and the authorities are vulnerable.

This incautious driving can not be impeded unless dynamic changes are brought about. In the first place, the traffic police must recognize their several duties and responsibilities. Secondly, the licenses of the drivers who violate the traffic rules must be cancelled and a fool proof system of licensing be evolved so that those drivers may not get another license issued. The system of justice must be improvised as to punish the culprits promptly. Nowadays, cases remain unsolved for years and the culprits usually go uncondemned. Even no fines are taken and illegal gratifications save them.


Karachi, may 9.