The causes of success are not always to perform better but more important reasons are to stay safely away from committing blunders which PTI recently seems to loss this political acumen. The way PTI Supermo gave the statement in recent interviews that (N) League was helped by the Army in 2013 elections will cause rippling effects. PTI Leader is supposed to tread on the path of N Leader. The blunders are not minor to be over looked by Judiciary and Askari leadership. However, for judicious scrutiny of this allegation, the Apex Court must issue summon to leader in order to explain with credible details in support of his statement which is very important before elections; in case of failure by PTI Leader, same article 62 could be invoked again him as well. 

Notwithstanding the PTI’s ostensible blunders, for the good understanding of public, let the Realty be known after rhetoric in respect of three Major Parties. In this regard, ‘one mega live talk-show’ with coverage of all media channels including electronic and print media, be arranged wherein the Supremos of (N) League and PTI and PPP ( Nawaz Sharif, Imran Khan and Asif Ali Zardari) must be invited to sit ‘Face-to-Face’ and be allowed to tell in what way the one and its party is best and needs votes in comparison to other parties as a part of their election campaigns . As arranging of ‘Live Face-to-Face Talk Show’ of three Supermos is imperative not only as mark of Media Freedom but also helps significantly for public awareness before upcoming election. Henceforth, the reality but not the rhetoric will only work to grasp the majority vote bank in true sense of terms. 


Karachi, may 9.