KARACHI  -  Sindh Governor Mohammad Zubair hosted an iftar dinner at the Governor House for children residing in “Mayra Ghar,” an orphanage managed by Al-Mustafa Welfare Society.

He on the occasion said extending support and assistance to the kids losing their parents due to any reason and helping out destitute is incumbent upon every member of the Muslim community. “Our religion Islam beseeches support for resource less and marginalised sections as a collective responsibility of the ummah,” he said adding that those contributing towards the cause are promised honour.

The governor appreciative of the contribution made by the social welfare organizations in upgradation of the have not said extreme care and caution is particularly needed towards proper and healthy nurturing of the orphans.

“The young and innocent souls who are hapless must be brought up with all passion, care and love with equal attention that their self respect and dignity is not compromised,” said the Sindh Governor. Mentioning that the Mayra Ghar was inaugurated by him only last year, he said inviting its young occupants to the Governor House was an honuor for him.

He on the occasion also expressed his pleasure that Al-Mustafa Welfare Society under the able leadership of Haji Hanif Tayyab was in process of establishing residential facilities for senior citizens.


Old homes are urgently needed owing to varied reasons, he said emphasizing that a realistic attitude is required by the society at all levels. Later-on, the Sindh Governor presented keys of an ambulance and a coffin carrier bus on behalf of local philanthropists Shakil Khan and Sardar Yasin Malik to the Chairman, Al-Mustafa Welfare Society.