Senior politician Rasool Bux Palijo passed away early on Thursday morning after a prolonged illness.

The deceased politician was 88 years old. 

Palijo was a leading human rights lawyer and he founded Awami Tahreek which is a progressive party.

At the time of his death, he was under treatment at a private hospital in Clifton. 

He was born on February 21, 1930, in the village of Mungar Khan Palijo, Jungshahi, Thatta. Palijo wrote different books and also served as a lawyer of Supreme Court of Pakistan.

He was a graduate of Sindh Madressatul Islam, Karachi from where he obtained his law degree.

Among his attributes, one is that he was multilingual with command over not only Sindhi, but also Urdu, and English languages, and later became conversant in Hindi, Arabic, Balochi, Bengali, Siraiki, Punjabi and Persian.

He founded a progressive party, Awaami Tahreek Party, in 1970 and is also considered to be a founding member of the Sindh Qaumi Ittehad and Sindhi Adabi Sangat.

He also worked towards the annulment of one-unit and had played an active role in bringing women into the political circle in Sindh. 

Plaijo had spent 11 years of his political life in various prisons, with most of his prisoner life, spent in Kot Lakhpat jail, Punjab during 1980.

The veteran politician wrote more than 40 books on numerous subjects, ranging from politics to literature, with 26 of them being in the Sindhi language.

His funeral prayers being offered tomorrow at 8 am in Jungshahi, Thatta.