LAHORE-Ali Rehman, one of the most energetic actors in the Pakistani film industry, has come a long way. He has a charismatic personality on screen and sets the stage on fire even off screen. He is a man in a hurry like rest of his generation and wants instant gratification.

After stealing hearts of millions of girls in his debut film Janaan and then Parchi, Ali proved his mettle in acting in a short period of time. He impressed the audience with his first movie, which was a hit. In a brief encounter with The Nation, Ali talks about his journey and achievements. Following are excerpts from his interview. About his new project, Ali says, he is returning to television through “Main Khayal Hoon Kisi Aur Ka” after two successful films. “The character is completely new and I hope people will like it as they always do,” he says.

About his chemistry with Hareem Farooq, he says: “I think one of the reasons our on-screen couple was so popular and the chemistry was visible is because we are really good friends in real life. We share a comfort level with each other; therefore, it’s always very organic on screen as well. And I’m always very happy to work with her because she is a phenomenal actress.”

About acting, the Janaan actor says: “Yes, I feel like I’ve changed as an artist, in a good way, of course. I think personal growth is something that happens after every project and I’ve learnt a lot over the past few years.”

About success, the Parchi actor says: “For me, doing quality work and receiving appreciation is my success.”

When asked that stardom comes with a price, Ali was of the view that he doesn’t think that stardom has really affected him.

About the Pakistani cinema, Ali says: “It’s changing rapidly already. What I personally would want to change about Pakistani cinema is to increase viewership and get more screens and cinemas all over the country. “I think the story of my own life would be an ideal project for me to work on. I’m comfortable working with absolutely anyone,” he says about his ideal project.

When asked about the role he would like to play the most, Ali says, “Dramatic roles for me, definitely, but I love to do comedy as well. I love making people laugh.”

About upcoming projects, he says: “I’m working on a few scripts, with different production houses. Stay tuned for more updates, he concludes.