SAMBRIAL-Heavy storm followed by rain plunged more than 40 villages of Sambrial Tehsil into darkness here on Wednesday.

According to rescue and Gepco sources, windstorm followed by heavy rain caused fault in Sahowala Grid Station due to which power supply to more than 40 villages including Bhopalwala, Sahowala, Warsalkay, Nishtar Abad, Ahmed Abad, Dhillam Balagan, Sahibkay Cheema, Raliokay and Baddokay Cheema disconnected.

The Gepco staffer remained busy to rectify the fault but failed to restore power supply despite lapse of 24 hours. Most of the villages were without electricity when this report was being filed. People demanded the Gepco CEO to rectify the fault in Grid Station and restore power supply at the earliest.