LAHORE - Yusuf Moazzam, who is representing Pakistan as youngest football coach at the sixth season of Football for Friendship (F4F) 2018 programme, has vowed to hold aloft Pakistani flag in Russia and present the country’s true image to the entire world.

Last year, Yusuf represented the country in F4F 2017 programme as young footballer and through his excellent skills of the game and communication, he made the country proud among 64 countries of the world. Not only this, the 13-year-old talented boy also got the honour to lead one of the groups comprising footballers from different countries. This time, he was once again honoured to be made the youngest ever coach of one of the teams that will take part in the events of F4F programme.

Talking to The Nation, Yusuf said he is very excited to represent the country again at such a big platform. “I will try my best to present true image of my country to the entire world, which is very beautiful, peaceful and sports-friendly. I will also do my best to give out my best and hold aloft Pakistani flag in Russia.”

When asked last time he visited Russia as a young football ambassador and this time, his role is entirely different, as he is going as a youngest coach, so how would he justify his role, Yusuf said: “Since I came to know about my new role, I immediately joined a football academy under an expert football coach, Sir Farooq, who is transforming me into a good football coach. His tips and techniques are pretty good, which I will surely share with my team and boys there and I will try to utilize my skills in the best possible manner in Russia.”

About his future plans, he said: “Football is my passion and now it is in my blood. I not only want to represent my country at international level but also keen to be part of international football leagues. I am a keen follower of English and European football leagues and soon, I will fulfill my dream of becoming an international football star with my sheer hard work, concentration and dedication.”