ISLAMABAD         -        The Capital Development Authority (CDA) is going to issue show cause notices to 13 officers for their involvement in the process of illegal up-gradations and re-designations.

The competent authority has already given approval for the issuance of said show cause notices and in next few days same will be served in which the officers would be asked to explain their role in the process of illegal up-gradations. 

A total of 29 officers were involved in processing of the files of CDA officers and officials, who got illegal up-gradations and re-designations, however, the show cause notices would be served to only 13 officers as rest of the officers have already got retirements.   

The 13 officers include Director General Civic Management Khalil Ahmed Soomro, Executive Director Capital Hospital Dr.FiazLodhi, Director Administration Capital Hospital Dr.Arshad, Director Environment IrfanNiazi, Additional Director Emergency and Disaster Management Ammaduddin, Secretary CDA board Syed Safdar Shah, Director Estate Asad Abbas and few others.   

There were a total of 1068 employees of CDA including 86 officers, who were upgraded in violations of rules and regulations during 2007 to 2013. The successive managements formed committees but not to conclude the matter but to further drag it.

Meanwhile, the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) had also stepped in and launched an inquiry into instant case and resultantly lodged FIR against aforementioned officers; however, CDA did not take any action against them within the organisation so far. Now, the matter came under spotlight when CDA de-notified about 40 officers who got illegal up-gradations and re-designations and reverted back to them on their previous positions but they challenged the decision in Islamabad High Court and got interim relief. 

The officers who were de-notified by the authority contended before the court that the action is based on discrimination, as those who were involved in the process were not even penalised by the authority. 

Resultantly, the IHC in its orders also mentioned the same thing, which prompted the city managers to take action against those who remained involved in case processing of illegally upgraded employees in addition to those who were upgraded in fact.

A senior officer of the authority informed that if the aforementioned officers fail to justify their act then they will be proceeded against according to service rules of the authority.  

Earlier, the Islamabad High Court had already declared that there is no criminality involved in the process of up-gradation and quashed the FIR but at the same time the court ordered to complete inquiry into this case within three months and take action against both who were upgraded and who upgraded them.