It seems that the government is insistent on neglecting the dire consequences of the pandemic, with the situation getting worse day by day. When there were only few cases of coronavirus, the entire country was sealed, and effective preventive measures were taken. Now, with cases rising at record rates each day and the death toll increasing, there is no intervention from the government.

I wonder, if this situation continues, cases will reach numbers as high as those in the hundred thousands, with several more deaths following.

Markets are open, with a great deal of people ignoring precautions and roaming around without masks or gloves.

If the government imposes a fine on perpetrators found without masks, people may be compelled to start following guidelines, an example witnessed in Saudi Arabia where those found without masks are fined.

Precautions must be taken, and the warnings must be heeded if we and our loved ones are to survive during these trying times. May Allah protect and guide us to safety.