ISLAMABAD - More than 500,000 citi­zens have confirmed that their complaints of various types have been remedied through the Pakistan Citizen Portal, indicating rising popularity of the government launched app.

According to the statistics released by the Prime Minis­ter’s Performance Delivery Unit, over 2.7 million citizens have been registered with this service.

The number of registered complaints so far is 2.1 mil­lion, of which 1.96 million have been resolved. Of these, 868,084 complaints were resolved in Punjab out of 946,544, and 703,507 out of 766,264 in Federal Capital. Similarly, 238,013 issues were resolved in Khyber Pakh­tunkhwa, 131,896 in Sindh and 17,338 in Balochistan.

During the corona virus pandemic, 31,227 complaints were lodged, of which 18,075 were completely resolved.

The portal has also become a voice for overseas Paki­stanis. Of them, 117,288 fully utilized this service and 107,555 got redressal on time.