ISLAMABAD - The Association of Office Managment Group (OMG), while expressing concerns and raising  question on the meeting of High Powered Selection Board (HPSB), stated that Officers of OMG and PMS were again denied of the rights to promotion as not a single officer of OMG and PMS was promoted to Grade-22 in recent meeting.

The meeting of HPSB  was held under the chair of Prime Minister Imran Khan on Friday, The Nation reliably learnt.

PM gave approval for the promotion of around 20 officers of grade-21 of different services groups to grade-22, while chairing the HPSB meeting at PM office.  Secretariat Establishment Division, Secretary Cabinet Divission and Secretary to PM were also present in the meeting. Well placed sources told The Nation that almost a dozen officers of Pakistan Administrative Service (PAS) had been promoted to highest services grade and there was no seat vacant for the promotion of Secretariat officer for grade-22.

They said DMG mafia had occupied 65 percent seats of grade-22 through a special SRO which was issued by PMLN government in 2014. They mentioned that 35 percent seats are left for grade-21 officers of 11 other services group which  was a sheer discrimination for other services groups. The Association of Office Management Group said in its Twitter message, “HPSB meeting held on  Friday, not a single officer of OMG, PMS promoted to Grade-22.  On all seats of generalist cadre, 10 officers of PAS group promoted to Grade -22, which has no professional or constitutional logic. Claimants of service delivery should first make an end to discrimination with respective colleagues, give right to the right ones”. A senior official of Association of OMG said that we had called a meeting of senior officials to review the last HPSB meeting and to determine the future plan of action in this regard. He said our petition against SRO 2014 was pending in Supreme Court for the last five years but we would fight against DMGs mafia till withdrawal of SRO 2014. He said unfortunately most of the times DMGs officer were part of HPSB meeting and they only focussed on the promotion of PAS officers.  He said that the officers of all services group excluding DMG were hopeful that Pakistan Tehreek Insaf would end this discrimination by withdrawing 2014  SRO and would  promote the officers to grade-22 on the basis of merit but unfortunately the DMG once again successfully trapped the government by not allowing it to restore the seats of grade-22 on the position that prevailed before 2014.