KARACHI - A total of 10 fishing boats faced accidents on during last month in which 9 fishermen died, 124 were rescued form drowning, while 10 ware still missing, a Fisher Folk Form survey report revealed on Friday. According to the report, in February, a boat was capsized near Clifton in which Hafeez, Jamil, and Gullo were drowned. Moreover, in Pasni, Balochistan, two boats namely Al-Khizar and Al-Raheem Kareem carrying 42 fishermen, were targeted by unknown assailants resultantly 3 men were gunned down mercilessly. Moreover, near Gidani, a boat carrying 64 fishermen sank but the fishermen were saved by the in time-action rescue provided from the local people. Besides, near Hoax Bey, Mubarak Village, Ibrahim Haidri, 4 boats crashed into a rocky mountain and Traulers but luckily 124 fishermen were saved through immediate measures arranged by rescue teams. In the same way, at KetiBandr, a boat carrying 10 fishermen got lost due to the stormy winds and still has not been found yet. The fishermen community is having fears due to such incidents, while so far as the government is concerned; it is diametrically not providing enough support to the community to tackle such sort of accidents. The fisher folk form asked the government for helping the fishermen community.