While petty politics preoccupied the minds of the government in Punjab, our guests of the Sri Lankan cricket team were subjected to vile terrorism in Lahore. This country could ill-afford the gimmickry of the recent past but following imposition of Governor's rule in Punjab, the province that was being run ably by an elected government was put under the rule of one man. The terrorist incident has been obviously masterminded by those who want to isolate Pakistan. Thus, we cannot rule out the involvement of India who have been very vociferous in opposing any foreign cricket team visiting Pakistan. It is time we learned that politics cannot be mixed with administration with such a rush of postings in security agencies including the police. What purpose has been served by the recent police shuffle in Punjab? Who will be held responsible for this serious security lapse? Why was the route not put under proper surveillance? What purpose do the various police check posts serve, other than harassing peaceful citizens? The Punjab Governor and his style of politics has contributed to this serious security lapse. These terrorists came on rickshaws, which are open vehicles and could easily have been checked, had the Punjab IG spent more time deliberating on security. But he was involved in the chores of petty politics. -M.T. ALI, Lahore, via e-mail, March 3.