I am an employee of International Islamic University, Islamabad. I have been using the road which links the University to I-10 sector for the last three years. Beside myself, hundreds of other people also use this road to reach the campus. A railway track crosses the road at one juncture. A few days ago, someone in the railways department realized that he is missing a God-given opportunity to torment all those who use this road and fixed barriers on the railway track for a ghost train that I have never seen pass from here in all these years. As a consequence, the public now has to either cross the tracks taking a little detour or go all the way to Police Line and get to their destination by going an extra four kilometers. It is surprising that the same railway track runs in front of the NESCOM Club gate also but nobody has dared mess with their right of way. It is only the wretched of this land like us who are treated like this. I request the Minister of Railways to kindly look into the matter and alleviate our suffering. Make us feel we are humans also. -MUHAMMAD TAHIR MAZARI, Islamabad, via e-mail, February 14.