KARACHI - Equities at the Karachi Stock Exchange moved both ways frequently because of a bout between the bulls and the bears on Friday. The KSE 100-index finally ended with a net decline of 40.17 points and settled at 5,748 points after touching high level of 5,813 points and low level of 5,726 points. The volume of KSE 100-index also fell to only 69.156 million shares on Friday as the investors and traders cautiously traded the blue chips. The KSE traded Rs 2.646 billion shares on Friday. Out of 274 companies active at the KSE, 171 lost value, 90 gained while the value of 13 companies' shares ended unchanged. OGDC was the market leader with 4.823 million shares. Among others were Adamjee insurance with 4.497 million shares, NIB bank 4.185 million shares, Bank Al-Falah 3.074 million shares, Jahangir Siddique 3.052 million shares, Pak Oilfield 2.983 million shares, DGK Cement 2.779 million shares namely. National Refinery gained 5.73 rupees per shares and closed at Rs 122.07. Attock Refinery added 3.36 rupees and closed at Rs 71.71, MCB bank (SPOT) gained 2.76 rupees per share and closed at Rs 134.80. Pak Engineering gained 4.10 rupees per share but only 200 shares were traded. On the other hand, Nestle Pakistan lost 22.44 rupees per share and closed at Rs1000 with trading of only 1300 shares. Shell Pakistan lost 9.39 rupees per share and remained at Rs 183.86, Attock petroleum lost 7.76 rupees and closed at Rs 251.86, Engro Chemical lost 5.30 rupees Rs 110.85. Following the trend of gearing up sectors of the economy for recovery, after incentive to refinery sector, step taken by EU of abolishing anti dumping duty on from import of bed linen from Pakistan did allow the beneficiary stocks to invite buyers, thus driving the sentiment, while its long term effect will reflect in higher export numbers. Besides the concession by EU, various other export orders from comparatively new markets indicate likely increase in Export numbers, essential to paint a comparatively healthy picture of the deficit numbers in next fiscal. The hanging sword of political and law & order situation, absence of leverage and last day phobia however did not allow the market men to dare the obvious, consequently seasoned players stayed busy searching for short-term bets. Extremely lackluster trading day closed with low volumes and red numbers with little to cheer, selective sideboard stocks however offered trading opportunity. "Apprehension that the local bourses will soon get a position in MSCI-BARRA index and its impact is now the most advanced tool to attract the local liquidity besides the apprehensions of likely reduction in interest rates and inflation numbers and the sensitivity of the change to the capital markets," stated a market expert adding, the efforts have been able to invite various categories of investors; polluted horizon decline in value of local currency however continues to disallow long term and full strength activity, thereby keeping the market tilted towards negative with low turnover. Unprecedented support by State fund has been successful in avoiding major slump, if the support gets connected with positive developments on the nervous fronts the local bourses may be able to initiate rally form current levels but if it fails, the vacuum on dips might prove dreadful. It is anticipated that Currency value will act as possible sentiment driver of the market in upcoming sessions.