LAHORE - On account of security reasons, Governor Salman Taseer Friday restrained American Consulate Bryan Hunt from visiting Qasimul Aloom where he was due to meet JUI central leader Maulana Ajmal Qadri. According to JUI spokesman, Mr Hunt was invited to visit and dine with Maulana Ajmal Qadri at Qasimul Aloom, Sheranwala Gate, but minutes before his arrival, the Governor Punjab through telephone informed Maulana about the cancellation of the US Consulate visit for security reasons. Talking to media, Maulana Ajmal criticised the Governor and said, calling Taseer Governor was in fact an insult to this office. He said Governor Rule needs to be put to end immediately if peace has to be brought to the province. Qadri further said President Zardari must take everyone alone in the interest of the country. As to the decision against the Sharifs, he said it was a matter relating to the judiciary therefore he would refrain from speaking on that. As to the current situation in the country, he said, he was optimistic that President Zardari would bring it under control very soon. At the same time, Ajmal Qadri said he fully supported long march of the lawyers in the interest of restoration of the independent judiciary and he would also like to appeal to others to take an active part therein. He said to a question that under the auspices of his party, an All Parties Conference would be held in the city on March 17 next to which Nawaz Sharif, Asfandayar, Qazi Hussain Ahman and the leaders of other political parties as well as representatives of the civil society and lawyers would be invited.