The Urdu Daily News of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, proclaimed yesterday that after a long struggle, the Pakistanis in Madian are finally set to open another Pakistani school. This became possible when two Pakistani businessmen donated 20 million Riyals each for it. The Pakistanis have long collected big amounts but there were some difficulties. Now the community, with the help of the Pakistan Embassy here, would select the building, equipment, staff etc and seek government approval. The community hopes the school would start functioning within months. The Pakistani community of Gulf particularly remembers two of our diplomats that had earlier worked with the Pakistan Embassy Bahrain. They are Mr. Shoukat Mohadam and Mr. Habibur Rehman Gilani. They were instrumental in the opening up of the Pakistan School in Bahrain. Incidentally they are now in Islamabad. Perhaps the Ministry of Foreign Affairs could transfer these two very skilled officers to the Madian office of the Pakistani Embassy to help the school come up here. The presence of Shoukat and Gilani will help Pakistanis in getting airconditioned school buses, free course books and a free canteen for children. -AFTAB, Muharraq, Saudi Arabia, via e-mail, February 18.