FAISALABAD - Pakistan Textile Exporters Association (PTEA) has expressed disappointment and dismay over recent hike of 6-paisa per unit in electricity rates and proposed 2pc levy of Capital Value Tax on cash withdrawals. "These regressive measures would have negative impact on textile exports which are already showing declining trend over the last few months," said PTEA Chairman M Yousaf and Vice Chairman Rehan Naseem Bharara while talking to newsmen here. They said Pakistani textiles have become incompetitive in the international market due to high cost of production, protective duties and levies on imports. They emphasized polyester fibre, thickener was heavily protected by protective and regulatory duty; marketing it costlier for Pakistani manufacturers compete with their regional rivals. "Similarly, the cost of inputs like caustic soda, thickener and printing screens were also comparatively of higher value," they asserted, adding that the matter was further compounded by irregular supply and shortage of energy. They said Pakistani manufacturers were also incurring heavier cost of freight in the region due to arbitrary petroleum price in the country and excessive sea freight. They said the 6-paisa per unit hike in electricity cost would heavily burden the manufacturing cost of textile items. They further said any additional hike would notch us a point down the ladder, eroding our competitiveness and throwing us out of our traditional markets. It was also pointed out that in the neighbouring countries, the exporters were enjoying subsidized raw material, cheaper inputs, easier credit facilities and tax incentives due to which they were fetching more export orders compared to Pak exporters. M Yousaf and Rehan Naseem Bharara demanded total exemption from loadshedding, taxes and levies, actual zero rating and level plying field for exporters enabling them to compete successfully in international market and earn more foreign exchange for the country to boost the economy.