ISLAMABAD - Leader of the House in Senate Mian Raza Rabbani while expressing his displeasure over the Supreme Court's verdict of disqualifying Sharif brothers, said that judiciary was responsible for destabilizing political system in the country. While concluding debate in the Upper House on the prevailing security and political situation including Governor Rule in Punjab, Swat peace deal, attack on Sri Lankan cricket team and bomb blast at Sufi poet Rehman Baba's shrine, Leader of the House said that roots of political instability in the country were lying in civil and military establishment and judiciary. Rabbani, concluding the debate on his own moved motion, further said that PPP always pursued politics of reconciliation in the country and that the unwanted decision of imposing Governor Rule in Punjab was taken to avoid anarchy in the Province. He said it was unfair to criticize the President for judicial decision. "We sacrificed two leaders for promotion of democracy in the country but never thought of revenge", he said. He said that Governor Rule would be retained for very short while. Regarding the Swat peace deal, Rabbani said that peace had revisited the Valley after the deal and that the internally displaced persons (IDPs) were gradually returning home. He said that military actions couldn't resolve every problem. He, while expressing government's hope to implement the peace accord in the Valley successfully, warned that still some elements were active in Swat to sabotage the peace process. He said that the accord was in line with the soul of the resolution passed in the joint sitting of the parliament. Rabbani also said that foolproof measures had been taken for the security of Sri Lankan cricket team. He said that seven police vehicles and two bike riders were escorting the team while heavy contingents of security personnel were deployed on the route. Earlier, while initiating debate on the motion, Leader of the House in Senate, Senator Kamil Ali Agha called for an all parties' conference to find way out of the many challenges the nation was facing. He said that since no single political party could resolve the prevailing issues, "Let us sit together and deliberate how to meet the challenges". Political leaders should act above personal and party affiliation and take the nation into confidence over the prevailing situation, he said. Agha criticized major political parties and said they had made a joke of the Charter of Democracy. He said his party took difficult decisions for the protection of democracy when they were in power and simultaneously surrendered to public verdict after the February 18 elections. He alleged that both major parties' pursuit of personal agenda had deteriorated the situation. He said that all the parties supported government to overcome the prevailing security situation, economic crisis and violation of geographical boundaries. "But both the parties involved in confrontation shattered the hopes and dreams of the masses." He alleged that PML-N was crying on emergence of forward bloc in their ranks but they split PML-Q while in power in Punjab. Agha fully backed Swat peace deal and warned against elements who were out for sabotaging the peace process. He also condemned attack on Sri Lankan team. Other lawmakers including Senators Haji Adeel, Prof Khurshid Ahmed, Maulana Gul Nasbeeb and Raza Muhammad Raza, too, criticized imposition of Governor Rule in Punjab and called for political reconciliation. Senator Haji Adeel condemned Lahore attack and said bomb blast at Rehman Baba's shrine was painful for the entire Pashtoon community. He said these were people, not the courts, to decide legibility or illegibility of political leaders. He said courts' decisions often harmed the country. He claimed the entire political leadership including the President and Prime Minister were shocked at the apex court's decision in Sharif brothers legibility case. Adeel said ANP didn't support imposition of Governor Rule in Punjab. Government should better have convened Punjab Assembly's session after the court's verdict for electing Leader of the House. He appreciated the efforts of Asfandyar Wali Khan and Maulana Fazlur Rehman for brokering reconciliation between PML-N and PPP. He hoped early imposition of Sharia rule in Malakand Division and durability of the peace accord. Professor Khurshid Ahmad called for true political reconciliation and urged all political parties to sit together to resolve the various serious issues. He said that reshuffle of bureaucracy soon after the imposition of Governor Rule in Punjab would set a bad political tradition and damage the institutions. He said that authorities had ignored intelligence warning regarding attack on Sri Lankan team and that the team was not provided adequate security. Senator Maulana Gul Naseeb denounced terror attacks on Sri Lankan team, JUI's senator-elect Muhammad Khan Shirani and bombing of Rehman Baba's shrine. He said the security situation was deteriorating by each passing day, especially in NWFP, where he said women and children were being abducted for ransom. He urged the government to make public the documents of Swat peace deal. He also called for lifting ban on TNSM. Senator Raza Muhammad Raza criticized the peace accord in Swat and alleged that the government was making deals with militants against the soul of the resolution passed in the joint sitting of the parliament. He said SC verdict in Sharifs case was a political decision, which, he said, was not acceptable. He demanded restoration of constitution to pre-October 12, 1999 position. He condemned the bombing of Rehman Baba's shrine and said that terrorists involved in the incident were destroying our historical assets.