LAHORE - Justice Syed Hamid Ali Shah of the Lahore High Court on Friday allowed several identical petitions seeking supply of wheat quota to flour mills on the basis of their production capacity. However, the judge disposed of other petitions challenging the inter-provincial wheat movement observing that the matter was related to the Federal government and the High Court could not issue any direction in this regard. The petitions were filed by the Pakistan Flour Mills Association (PFMA) and many other flourmills of the province. The petitioners submitted that the government was providing different quantity of wheat crop to each district ignoring the fact that the flourmills also have variant production capacity. The counsel pointed out that at the time of establishment of flourmills different govt department ascertained the production capacity of the mills. So they could not deprive them of their right in any case, the counsel added. Announcing a short order the judge allowed petitioners' contention to the extent of wheat supply on the basis of flourmill's production capacity. The detailed order would be released soon.