LAHORE - JUI-F Chief Maulana Fazlur Rehman has revealed that the Pakistan People's Party (PPP) and the Pakistan Muslim League-N have agreed for reconciliation, and details are yet to be finalised. He was addressing a press briefing after holding second round of talks with PML-N Chief Nawaz Sharif on Friday at the latter's Raiwind residence. Shahbaz Sharif, Raja Zafar-ul-Haq, Ishaq Dar, Ch Nisar Ali Khan and Siranjam Khan were also present on the occasion. The Maulana, who along with President Awami National Party Asfandyar Wali Khan, is mediating for reconciliation between PPP and PML-N as the relations between the two parties touched the lowest ebb following the Supreme Court verdict against Sharifs. The Maulana claimed that both the parties had agreed to shun differences. "I can't deliver the details of the patch-up at the moment as I do not want to harm the interests of any of the two parties," said the JUI-F chief, adding that he had requested the leaders of the two parties to avoid rhetorical comments against each other. The Maulana hoped that Nawaz Sharif would not listen to Qazi Hussain Ahmed. According to a source, Nawaz Sharif reiterated the previous demands that the Punjab government should be restored to pre-February 25 position, which obviously included doing away with the governor rule. Secondly, he also showed his concern about horse-trading, and wished that buying of loyalties should be brought to an immediate end. Thirdly, he also desired that the government should immediately restore the deposed judges besides abolishing the 17th amendment at the earliest. However, Nawaz Sharif was pretty doubtful about the actualisation of the promises, and clearly maintained that he did not trust Zardari. "Take practical steps prior to sit-in sans any verbosity for future plans," is stated to be Sharif's stance. In contrary to Fazl-ur-Rehman's statement, a source said the meeting had proved to be a failure since the Sharifs were not ready to budge an inch from their stances, while on the other hand, as per the Maulana, President Zardari was not ready to reinstate deposed Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry. Earlier, before leaving for Lahore, Maulana Fazl-ur-Rehman expressed confidence that a breakthrough with PML-N leader Nawaz Sharif was imminent, following talks, aimed at ending the political impasse and to strengthen the policy of national reconciliation. The Maulana, after his address in the National Assembly, left with Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani for the PM House for consultations. They had detailed discussion on the prevailing political situation in the Punjab and the need for showing greater tolerance by all the stakeholders, in the larger interest of the country. Gilani is said to have appreciated Maulana's efforts for promoting the politics of reconciliation and tolerance, in the meeting that stretched over one and a half hour. Gilani said he too was an ardent believer in the policy of national reconciliation and greater consensus on all major national issues. He said only through this policy democracy and state institutions can be strengthened in the country. The JUI leader lauded the withdrawal of the ordinance to set up mobile courts as a positive gesture by the government and said it would help create conducive atmosphere. The Maulana said it was responsibility of the politicians to normalise situation and pointed to the serious challenges the country faced at the hands of extremists and terrorists. He stressed that it was high time that all political parties end misunderstandings and a sense of confidence prevails, particularly after the long struggle for restoration of democracy in the country. "Let us reverse wrong decisions and promote moderation, reconciliation and confidence," he said, while appreciating the support of the Prime Minister for reconciliation. Gilani and Maulana also talked to Asfandyar Wali on the phone and discussed the reconciliatory efforts. The Maulana, while addressing the Assembly about his and Asfandyar Wali's meetings with Nawaz Sharif and President Asif Ali Zardari, had said they were trying to defuse the tense situation. Optimistic Maulana said, "I am encouraged by response from both the sides." He hoped that the political crisis that emerged following the decision by the Supreme Court on dismissal of the Sharif brothers would be over soon. "Country cannot afford agitation and protests. We face multi-faceted challenges and it is time for promoting understanding and strengthening democracy," he told the National Assembly that had been specially summoned to discuss the situation following imposition of the governor rule in Punjab. "We were deprived of democracy due to our follies," he said, asking: "Why do we again want to go to that extent where we lose democracy again?" However, he added, "We need to express political maturity and far sightedness."