LAHORE-PML-N Quaid Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif addressing a mammoth public meeting held at Faisal Chowk on Friday accused the govt of reneging on its promises while pledging to hoist the flag of revolution for change. 'Now the fate of Pakistan will be decided on roads', he thundered in front of Punjab Assembly. Under tight security behind the bullet proof glass, Nawaz said 'it is time to make decisions on roads as we have been confined to this option' He said 'I will change the situation from the worst to the best. I will change the destiny of 160 million people of Pakistan. I will make Shahbaz Sharif leader of House in Punjab with the will of the masses again'. He said that that he wanted to join the protest rally from Nila Gumbad to Faisal Chowk but due to meeting with Asfand Yar Wali and Maulana Fazlur Rehman, he could not do so. However, he pledged that he would take out protest rally shoulder to shoulder with party workers. He said that he could see sun of genuine democracy dawning in a couple of days. He said that he did not demand any thing from Zardari. If I have begged for something, it was for the nation and the country, he added. He took joint oath from the protestors with the words 'will you come with me toward Islamabad to change the fate of the country, to make Pakistan prosperous, to ensure better future for the coming generations and to uphold the supremacy of judiciary and Parliament. Are you ready to sacrifice for some days if yes then you will have to join long march, sit-in to pave way for 'awami revolution'. He said that he was happy to see such a mammoth gathering and hoped that the heart-warming protest demo would join the long march and play a conclusive role. Nawaz strongly criticised President Zardari for his ill-conceived and lop-sided policies, advising Zardari that he should have consulted his party before taking decisions. He said that majority of PPP leaders and workers had often opposed his decisions. He called upon Zardari to change his policy forthwith before it was too late. Nawaz said that Zardari is 'acting like former President Pervez Musharraf, who kept all powers with himself and did not take practical steps to make Parliament sovereign during his eight-year rule'. He said that Zardari had no other option but to fulfil his promises. He lamented that the government had not taken any significant step to resolve the burning issues including fundamental right to people, reinstatement of deposed judges, the Kashmir issue, the foreign policy, the economic and political crisis. He said that Zardari had raised hopes for judges reinstatement but after he entered inside the secure walls of the Presidential palace, Zardari decided to keep all the powers and spurned all pleas to honour his promises to do away with 58(2)(b) of the Constitution and the 17th Amendment. He said that Zardari could not understand him. "I shook hands with him with heartfelt desire to resolve the problems of the people but Zardari cheated me." He said that Zardari did not cheat him rather he cheated the nation. The restoration of real democracy, and not mere portfolios, are the goal, Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) chief Nawaz Sharif said. Nawaz stressed upon his workers to push the masses for massive, disciplined rallies and protests, adding they should ensure maximum participation in the forthcoming long march and sit-in. The success of these events would ensure the rise of democracy and an independent judiciary, he said. He further said that Zardari had lost all trust. He claimed the conspiracy to weaken the federation had been prepared at President's House and would be foiled by the masses. He said he had been prepared for the Supreme Court decision, as he had never accepted or presented himself to the Provisional Constitution Order courts. Prior to Nawaz's address, PML-N president and former Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif addressed the protest demo on the Mall. Belligerent, Shahbaz using harsh tone against Zardari, lambasted latter's policies. He said that Zardari had lost his trust after dishonouring the promises and now nation did not have any faith in him. Terming Zardari as production of NRO and fake courts, he said that nation would not pardon Zardari. He slammed the govt for the security lapse during visit of Sri Lanka cricket team to Pakistan. He called adviser to Prime Minister on Interior Rehman Malik as 'IG of liar'. He alleged that Governor House had been turned into market for sale and purchase of members of provincial assemblies. Senator Waqar, Salman Taseer, Rehman Malik were on official duty to intensify hours trading. Now Manzoor Wattoo had teamed up them. He said that Wattoo would be made Chatto (a cylindrical metal vessel used for grinding things), he added. Reciting the famous versus of Habib Jalib in rhythm, he said that long march was inevitable and it would sweep away the PCO judges. He warned that President Zardari, who tried to smother democracy, would never be evaded from its dire consequences. He said that denying reinstatement of deposed judges, Zardari had betrayed the will and blood of Shaheed Benazir Bhutto. He said that it was his firm conviction that if people stood united and joined the long march, non-democratic forces would fail to undermine Pakistan. Blasting Zardari's for of his promises, he said that Asif Zardari had golden chance to restore his tainted image and his past misdeeds by nurturing real democracy, reinstating judges, reversing November 2 dictatorial act, repealing 17th amendment and implementing Charter of Democracy. However, he regretted that Zardari did not avail himself of the opportunity. 'Genuine nature of Zardari, Shahbaz said, was exposed when he dishonoured the signed accords, saying that pacts are not sacred like Quranic verses to follow'. He said 'our destination is restoration of judges that would lead towards establishment of true democracy in the light of the vision of Quaid-e-Azam and Allama Iqbal. He said 'truth will dominate the false'. He lashed out at the policies of President Asif Ali Zardari. He asked Zardari to stop making fun, saying on the one hands reconciliation talks were going on and on the other hand, horse trading was rampant. Before Nawaz Sharif came on stage, Khawaja Saad Rafiq introduced Nawaz as 'Sher-e-Pakistan', 'Fakher-e-Pakistan', 'Quaid-e-Jamhooriyat', 'Nijat Dahinda' under full-throated slogans 'Dekho Dekho Koon Aa Ya'. When Nawaz gave appearance for address, the Mall was resounded with non-stop slogans.