ISLAMABAD - The government has stressed the need for reconciliation between the PPP and PML-N for peace, stability and above all strengthening the democratic institutions in the country. Federal Minister for Parliamentary Affairs Dr Babar Awan expressed these views on the floor of the National Assembly on Friday while winding up debate on Governor Rule in Punjab. He said that Governor Rule would not be extended even for a single day in Punjab without any pertinent reason. He said that the PPP wanted to strengthen the democratic institutions in the country. "I accept that there is no ideal situation of judiciary but we want to see all institutions including Military, Law Enforcement Agencies and Parliament to function in their constitutional sphere," he said. He said that the PPP was ready for reconciliation and wanted to avoid political confrontation with any party. "Let us respect each other and bring decency in their remarks about the leadership, and join efforts to give strength to democracy in the country," he said. He said that the nation expected prudent politics instead of emotional. Babar said that the PPP was ready for reconciliation but it was history that neither they bowed to any blackmail nor fell victim to any conspiracy to disintegrate its rank and file. The Minister claimed that Long March was 'wrong march' and those who said that the things would improve by these demonstrations and sit-ins and more investment would pour in, were all suffering from illusions. He said that the PPP would congratulate the PML-N if it formed government in Punjab but if it failed, then it would have to accept it wholeheartedly. "Leader of Opposition in the National Assembly Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan only criticized President Asif Ali Zardari instead of Governor Rule in Punjab in his speech but we showed patience and demonstrated tolerance. We want that the democratic government completes its five years term and move forward and reinforce democratic system in the country." He said that the Speech of Opposition leader was unilateral "but I think Chaudhry Nisar has forgotten the situation of 1998 in Sindh. In this period, the PML-N government had imposed Governor Rule for nine months. The nation also knows very well about the behaviour meted out by PML-N with Mian Manzoor Ahmed Watto in Punjab", he said. The Minister said that President Asif Ali Zardari had imposed Governor Rule to fill constitutional vacuum. "We have not imposed Section 144 after imposition of Governor Rule in Punjab. Every party has right to hold rallies and protest demonstrations", he said. Babar Awan said that when the government was inking peace accord in Swat, the PML-N was busy hobnobbing for Long March. He said that the PML-N did not want stability while it created anarchy in the country. "The nomination papers of Sharif brothers were rejected in the tenure of President Pervez Musharraf and at that time they refused to file an appeal in the court. It was PPP who filed an appeal in the Supreme Court and gave PML-N chance to run government in Punjab for 11 months", he said. He said that today the PML-N talked of independence of judiciary but it should not forget who was behind launching attack on Supreme Court and sacking Justice Sajjad from his post, he posed the question. Earlier, Syed Akhonzada Chitan while participating in the debate on Governor Rule said that Chief Justice was not the issue of the country while law and order, terrorism and poverty were the main issues of the people of Pakistan. Fauzia Wahab of PPP said, "Today we are again standing in the politics of 90s and it is again revolving around personalities instead of institutions." She claimed that PML-N was promoting politics of confrontation and agitation in the country. Marvi Memon of PML-Q criticized the government and said that there was no reason of imposing Governor Rule in Punjab. She said that the government did not impose Governor Rule in other provinces despite worst law and order situation prevailing there. She said that the writ of government was not seen in the NWFP. "There is no law and order in Sindh and the rulers have failed to resolve crises in Balochistan. The government has failed to resolve the main issues of the people," she said. Ghous Bakhsh Mehar said everyone even Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani was against imposition of Governor Rule in Punjab. He advised the deposed CJP to resign in the better interest of the nation.