ISLAMABAD (APP) - Federal Minister for Information and Broadcasting Sherry Rehman said Friday that confrontation should be avoided in the interest of the country and called for pursuing politics of strengthening institutions. Speaking to a private TV channel, she said the PPP government firmly believes in resolving issues amicably through dialogue and with a spirit of reconciliation. Replying to a question about conditions for talks put forth by PML-N leadership, she said imposing conditions before the start of dialogue was against the spirit of democracy. She stressed the need for creating a conducive atmosphere for dialogue and said bitter rhetoric and personal attacks should be avoided and there should be a flexibility in attitude along with sincerity towards finding solution to issues. The minister said the government always keeps its doors open for dialogue and has been making sincere efforts towards reconciliation. In this connection she referred to the efforts of Balochistan Chief Minister and his meeting with the PML-N leader. "We are not replying to any allegation in the same tone and have advised our workers to remain peaceful", she said. "The President has offered no rejoinder, nor has the PM in the same language, but no one can be dictated to on this politics of rejectionism and boycotts. Negotiations to end deadlocks are not done at gunpoint, neither is dictation given in the media. We can resolve everything in Parliament, which is the appropriate forum." Whoever wants the battle taken to the street is thinking of engulfing Pakistan in the dangerous flames of instability. This is neither the time nor the situation to plunge the country into the politics of street fighting, nor to declare open rebellion against the state. Referring to the global economic crisis and challenges including terrorism, she said the people of Pakistan no longer have any appetite for the politics of confrontation and agitation. They want to see their politicians respond to crises with maturity and restraint. Nobody wants a return to the decade of the '90s, when four governments changed in ten years. Nobody should be inflaming the political atmosphere so no civilised discourse can find space anymore. "We understand that the N leadership is hurt at the court's decision, we are too. But whatever the court, whether we accepted it or not, the President, the PM, and Shaheed Benazir Bhutto and Shaheed Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, have all faced their sentences of death and exclusion with dignity. Even after Benazir Bhutto Shaheed's tragic assassination, the PPP did not put Pakistan in jeopardy, and called for calm. Even despite 12 references, and many cases that carried death sentences, the President did not walk away from the decisions of the Ehtesaab courts, nor did the PM. No courts were ever attacked, nor bargains struck to provide relief." She said that PPP and PML-N had struggled together against dictatorship and it would not be wise to destroy what had been achieved after great sacrifices. Answering a question, the minister said that politics of confrontation was not beneficial for the government, the PLM-N and the people of the country. "It is necessary to end the war of words so that a suitable environment is created for finding a way forward," she said. Sherry regretted the harsh statements of Sharif brothers in Lahore rally and said that it would be inappropriate for any democratic party to talk about making decisions on the roads and resorting to rebellion. Commenting on the threatening language used by the Sharif brothers in the Lahore rally, she said the PPP leadership has never back tracked from the promises it made with the people and other political parties and it has taken a number of steps in this direction during the short span. Charges of breaking the promises are totally unfounded she said adding that the PPP had floated a draft of constitutional amendments to purge the constitution of controversial clauses in line with the Charter of Democracy. The PPP leadership took all the stakeholders on-board while making decisions on the issues of national importance, she said. She regretted that the PML-N leadership was sticking to only one point agenda by ignoring all the positive steps that the government has taken so far. In a democratic set up it is inappropriate for anyone to dictate his own terms on the others, she said. It was the PPP leadership which entered into a reconciliatory process with all the political forces in the country the Minister said adding the politics of confrontation would serve no purpose. She said that criticising the elected President was not in favour of the country and its people.