LAHORE - Law enforcement agencies in Islamabad have arrested three activists of a defunct religious outfit including a retired army officer, allegedly involved in killing of administrator Sheikh Zayed Hospital Dr Saboor Malik in Lahore and Major General (r) Ameer Faisal Alvi in Islamabad. A police officer has claimed that the outfit has also kidnapped and killed several other well-off individuals for ransom. A millionaire Hindu businessman, kidnapped from Karachi for a ransom of Rs20 million, is still in the custody of the said organisation, he added. The stunning revelation by the police officer landed like a bombshell not only on the family members but also for the police investigators. Faisal Alvi, his driver and a passer-by were gunned down by unidentified assailants on the outskirts of Islamabad on November 19, 2008 while Administrator Sheikh Zayed Hospital Dr Abdul Saboor Malik (43) was gunned down by three unknown armed men near his Model Town C-Block residence on January 16 this year. A member of investigation team probing into the incident of Dr Saboor's murder told The Nation that armed men wanted to kidnap Dr Saboor for ransom and they killed him when he resisted foiling their attempt. Similarly, Alvi was also shot dead by the armed men who intercepted him for kidnapping. The investigations of the Saboor's murder case, which has now taken dramatic turn after the arrest of activists of the defunct organisation, reveal that the arrested criminals had been given the task to kidnap affluent persons for ransom as the organisation was in dire need of money to run its affairs. The police investigator said that the Ameer (chief) of the organisation and other senior commanders had issued such orders. A millionaire Hindu businessman of Karachi was still in their custody, he added. He further revealed that the arrested former army officer resigned in 2002 during the regime of General (r) Pervez Musharraf due to his pro-American policies and later joined the banned militant outfit. One of the arrested activists, the police officer said, was an expert of manufacturing mortars besides other highly sophisticated weapons for the organisation. The police officer said that the arrested activists were given the target to kidnap the administrator Sheikh Zayed Hospital Dr Saboor Malik due to his strong financial position as he was among one of the richest persons in the metropolis. They had planned for kidnapping him on October 22, 2008 but postponed the programme due to some unknown reasons. He said the alleged killers decided to target their prey on January 16, 2009 and intercepted him when he was on way to the hospital. To a query, the police officer said, Dr Malik offered strong resistance to foil the attempt of his abduction and succeeded in crushing one of the kidnappers with his car. It was due to his resistance that the other assailants opened indiscriminate firing killing him at the spot. To another question, the police officer said efforts are underway to get the culprits back from Islamabad.