KARACHI - National Crisis Management Cell (NCMC) on Thursday warned that terrorists might hit political and non-political gatherings and foreigners present in the country. NCMC report warned all the departments concerned including all the four provincial home departments, IGPS, DG Inter Services Intelligence, DG Intelligence Bureau and DG Airport Security Force that terrorist outfits have planned terrorist attacks across the country. It said that terrorists may hit the mob either in political processions or non-political gatherings. Communique further said that the terrorists could target the processions of Rabiul Awal. It also restrained the movement of foreigners present in the country and directed them that not to move without any security. It has been directed to the authorities to take all necessary action and ensure the security of public gatherings and procession at any cost. It is pertinent to mention here that the report did not specify the name of any militant group. It pointed out that the current political and non-political circumstances might encourage the terrorists to get advantage out of it. Frequent incidents of foreign envoys kidnapping in the country and presence of Al-Qaeda operatives likewise the recent report about the presence of Al-Qaeda's Anthrax Programme chief Yazid bin Saffat gave serious threats to the local law enforcement agencies.