LAHORE -Wateen with yet another big margin victory has made its way to the final of the National Championship for the Quaid-i-Azam Gold Cup where it will take on Hilton Pharma, which crawled into the title match at the end of the last round matches here at the Lahore Polo Club's Aibak Ground on Saturday. Wateen, which was leading the points table with six points and a healthy average entered the field and made its mark with a 11-8 win over fighting Ghazipur. Gaston Moore single-handedly came up with nine goals while his team-mate Favio Lavinia added two to the tally. However the margin for defeat was for Ghazipur, the quartet of Shah Shamyl Alam, Shaukat Ali Malik, Shah Qublai Alama and Atif Tiwana made the rival team run for win. Shamyl was more active on the horse back adding four goals, Shaukat Ali contributed two while Qublai and Tiwana one each. Wateen's rival team in the final, Hilton Pharama was nearly given a shock in its progress ahead by Vogue Furniture-Diamond Paints 8-7 decision. However, James Harper made things look easy for Hilton with all the eight goals. Whenever he moved ahead with a goal, Juan Gracia Grossi responded with grit and in the last chukker he banged in thrice but the final beagle came in his way. All efforts of Alejandro Astrada went invane when he did not receive the required support from his team-fellows in the Bank Alfalah's loss to Tip Moor Al Khan-Rangers 10-9. he played a lone role in getting eight goals. With an under the neck shot Col Nadeem Raja added one in Royal Banking account. However, Tomas Pieres and Raja Samiullah kept their team afloat with six and four goals respectively. Though the sponsors of the championship Bank Alfalah did not reach the final, its sister organization Wateen got home safely and the likely chance while looking at their performance is that they would be lifting the trophy tomorrow if there was not any exceptional effort from Hilton. Tony Keyte, Raja Arsalan Najeeb and Asif Tiwana supervised the match. Teams: Wateen: Mian Hussain Iftikhar, Favio Lavinia, Gaston Moore, Naveed M Sheikh Ghazipur: Shaukat Ali Malik, Atif Tiwana, Shah Shamyl Alam, Shah Qubilai Alam Hilton Pharma: Shahid Hayat, Taimur Ali Malik, James Harper, John Fisher Vogue Furniture/Diamond Paints: Mir Shoaib Ahmad, Javier Alejandro Marcos, Jaun Garcia Grossi, Ahmed Zubair Tip Moor Al Khan & Rangers: Dr. Iftikhar Ali Khan Simba, Lindor Nevillo Corvallan, Tomas Pieres, Maj. Usman Bank Alfalah Royal Banking: Usman Haye, Saqib Khan Khakwani, Alejandro Astrada, Col. Nadeem Raja