ISLAMABAD - Pakistani music is deeply captivating as well as absorbing since it introduces the country's talented youth across the globe. Engin Soysal, Ambassador, of Turkey, expressed these views while addressing the audience at a musical function organised by the Turkish Embassy. Commenting on the performances of young Pakistani artists Zeb and Haniya, the Turkish ambassador said, "I was so amused at the splendid demonstration of high quality musical." He called the young Pakistani artists having immense potential. The two singers, Zeb and Haniya presented songs in Urdu, English, Pushto and even in Turkish language and received applause from the crowd comprising local music lovers, diplomats from different countries. The programme was part of regular cultural events being organised by Turkish Embassy. The female band was started by these two female musicians, Zebunnisa Bangash and Haniya Aslam, based in Lahore and the songs seamlessly mix blues grooves and jazzy rhythms into complex melodies grounded in local traditions. "Pakistan is a wonderful country and I'm sure everyone here has enjoyed every bit of Pakistani songs created by these youngsters. Youth from Pakistan and Turkey can play important and vital role in further promoting the traditional, brotherly and strong relations between the two countries. This is the basic motive behind today's concert," added the Turkish Envoy. "Strangely addictive, the song floats within the recess of your mind and makes permanent place for itself," observed Engin Soysal agreeing with a journalist's remark while commenting on a song performance. Earlier, both Zeb and Haniya with vocalists, Zeeshan Mansoor and Hassan Amir Mohiyudin displayed their musical talent comprising a few songs from their album "Chup," followed by some Afghan, Turkish and English songs. The audience was generously appreciative towards the classic melodious genre, which the young artists introduced. The perfect synch of vocals under the light pitched eastern strings combined with the western rock paroxysm, received heartening applause of the audience at the Turkish embassy. "We are Pakistanis; we love our country. That's where we are born and brought up," said Haniya while talking to TheNation. Talking about their album, "Chup", she said that the album was created keeping in view Pakistani listeners and music. She urged the media to project young Pakistani artists who deserved appreciation and projection. Zeb, her partner, said that she had been learning music from Ustad Mubarak Ali Khan for several years. "It's an honour for be to be a disciple of the internationally renowned vocalists like Ustad Mubarak. That's why my songs are gripped with eastern touch," she added. Meanwhile, the Turkish ambassador while talking to this scribe said that the Turkish embassy would continue to arrange cultural festivities in future. "Such wonderful gatherings need to be brought to limelight. We would keep on arranging such occasions in a brotherly state like Pakistan," he added.