Prime Ministers radio address that he made on March 5 must have amused some and shocked many. It was an exercise in self praise of great extreme. Perhaps he does not know that self praise is no recommendation. Much better that he had made no speech at all. After all silence is golden. Mr Gilani made the extraordinary claim in this speech that he has achieved everything he had promised to the poor people of Pakistan. By claiming so, either he was making a fool of himself or may be he thought all the people of Pakistan are fools. The other day, I saw on a private TV channel an anchorperson shouting at the top of his voice why everyone was after the President on the issue of corruption. What about the Prime Minister? He asked. He then went on to explain that Prime Minister, his wife, his brother, his son, his sisterall were busy in minting money (at least according to him). No one questions the PM, why? He asked in the end. Mr. Prime Minister You and your cabinet are having fun while people are suffering. You have done nothing for the people who voted for you. You have betrayed the people. None of your promises has been fulfilled. Fear the wrath of Allah. Fear the law of retribution. Fear the wrath of people. -S. MEHMUD, Lahore, March 6.