Though PPP-led government had tried hard to attract global investors to come to Pakistan and invest in various sectors especially in energy and hold various traders meetings in different places of the world in this regard but all in vain. On the other hand, traders from Pakistans time-tested friend countries like Saudi Arabia and China are not only investing huge investments in various sectors but also setting up some industrial units with their own across the country and hence creating job opportunities for the local inhabitants. Saudi Arabian entity Al Tuwairqi Holding (ATH) Chairman Dr Hilal Hussain Al Tuwairqi is one of the leading businessmen who has set up a state-of-the-art countrys largest Tuwairqi Steel Mills Limited (TSML) at Bin Qasim having a designed capacity to produce 1.5 million tons of high quality DRI compare to Pakistan Steel Mills (PSM) 1.1 million tons. So far, he has spent over $300 million upon this project and all is set to get production from TSML in June-July 2011. The plant, currently under cold commissioning activities, employs cutting-edge Direct Reduced Iron (DRI) technology of the Midrex process owned by Kobe Steel of Japan. TSML not only aims at to produce iron ore ready-to-market products but also diversifying into engineering, procurement, construction and project management services for steel, power generation, fertilizer, petro-chemicals and oil & gas sectors in KSA, UAE and Pakistan. It is to be noted that ATH is among the top 5 private sector industrial enterprises and the second fastest growing group in Saudi Arabia. ATH has not limited within Kingdom, rather it is trying to capture markets of Europe, Middle East and South Asia. The whole project is being run by Project Director Zaigham Adil Rizvi who has been serving ATH since many years. During his stay in Saudi Arabia, the enthusiastic and nationalist Rizvi convinced ATH Chairman Dr Hilal to invest in Pakistan rather than India or any other regional state. Dr Hilal, keeping in mind his father advised that people of Pakistan are hardworking and respectable, took no time in taking decision of erecting his own empire in his father loved country Pakistan and poured a huge investment in the shape of TSML. In his interview, Dr Hilal disclosed the secrets of his business and how he raised from scrape one of regional largest steel entity. TheNation: What is your opinion on current Kingdom situation? Dr Hilal: In the past there was an oil boom. Oil prices remained above $70. Many people made a great deal of money as a result of this. However, the money, in my opinion, was spent in wrong way. Most money was used on building modern highways, airports and other buildings instead of focusing on people who utilise them. Government remained occupied in building infrastructure and forgot to build the very base of generation. Now we have built a lot of corporations, petrochemical industry, modern airports and highways but could not teacher our local how to pass a zebra crossing on roads. It might be amazing to note that the number of people that are being killed in road accidents exceeds the number of people killed by sickness or war. I believe, the true asset is not money but people as we brought a lot of people from across the world to run the affairs of Kingdom. In my opinion, we should educate our people not for making them managers but to make them capable of running companies. The boom has come once again as oil prices are touching $120 mark. This ideal situation might remain intact around 4 or 5 years further. So Saudi government should invest in education sector for local people and focus on making country an industrial one. TN: When you establish your company? DH: Once I was an employee at ARAMCO. There was an American who changed my life entirely as he always urged me to ask questions frequently if I wanted to learn something. Later, for some reason I left the office. I thought for my own business. Once I was sitting outside my shop, thinking of how I should collect my disbursed money. Few people came and offered me partnership which I accepted. In fact, they needed an honest man to represent them as a local person. Within a span of few minutes, my career was changed. At the same time, I remained intact with my own business. My partners asked me to visit India and Pakistan and hire over 450 intending people who has already been selected for various posts. After my four days visit to Pakistan, I found a man named Engineer Tariq Barlas who is now with us since last 26 years and serving as Vice Chairman. I gave him resources and asked him to to establish a company within specific period. He took one year and our company received first order from Steco (Saudi Electrical Company). I also asked Barlas that now we have to focus on industry rather than trading as government was encouraging industry. I then got the license to manufacture pencils from Holland. Then we bought a steel factory on installments which Saudi Industrial Development Fund advertised in a newspaper having 5-ton idle furnace. At that time only SABIC was producing steel. In 1991, we got a huge order from Kuwait as Kuwaitis badly needed iron angles after invaded by Iraq. Our company was producing angles 1000 tons per month. We upgraded our entity to meet the growing demands. That proved to be our turning point and now we are the biggest private sector steel company in the GCC. TN: Did you ever imagine the company would be where it is today? DH: No, honestly, I did not. As I said to you earlier, we do not make the opportunity, we just avail the opportunity. By the way my family has nothing to do with my business. I have no partners. TN: What principles you followed? DH: Life is short. Human beings are meant to do something. You have the right to enjoy yourself but you have to look for coming generation also. You have to leave behind not only money but reputation and assets in such a way that other could have jobs. With money we can enjoy with private jets and can invest in stock market but no one could get job in this way. However, I preferred to establish an entity and now ATH employed over 1,800 people. Multiply this figure with five and you take into account their families as well. All employees from top to bottom have their shares according to their ranking. We are all one family and we are all partners. This is what we done, we have created jobs and made people to smile. In contrast of United States where people wear clothes of different category but here we all dress the same. We wear white thobe whether we are kings or we are homeless. TH: Final message to the readers? DH: My message to the leaders is that they have to be fair to their responsibilities. One does not deserve anything but fairness. Your reputation and actions can remain forever. The chair is not your power. My message to the international business community is not to waste money on various taxes. The Kingdom has no income tax and offered cheap energy. We invite you to come and join hands with us for establishing an entity as Kingdom offers huge potential that is yet to be tapped. Control this region means controlling the whole economic world. In this regard, one has to choose the right partner simply.