ISLAMABAD - Highlighting various anomalies in Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC), an elected member of the regulatory body of medical education institutions has urged the legislators and Chief Justice of Pakistan to take notice of mushroom growth of institutes that have been producing only incompetent medical practitioners to play havoc with public health.

PMDC Member, Dr Shershah Syed, addressing a press conference Tuesday said currently almost 127 medical education institutions have been working in the country but except few of them most of them are substandard education providers.

‘It’s a matter of great concern that in last few years a number of medical colleges in Pakistan have grown dramatically. More than 50 new medical colleges and 40 new dental colleges in public and private sector were recognised by PMDC and many of these medical and dental colleges were recognised in total violation of rules and regulations just to please vested interests of groups in public and private sector’.

He alleged that majority of these medical colleges do not possesses proper building and minimally required beds and patients and lack required faculty especially in pre-clinical and clinical side. He said the Executive Committee of PMDC has recognised many medical universities and their postgraduate programmes that do not meet the required criteria laid down by the PMDC without realizing that the incompetent consultants coming out form such institutes will be a great risk for the public health in the country.

He informed that all the medical universities in Pakistan are part time universities with part time Vice Chancellors, professors and Deans who have little interest in postgraduate trainings and teaching. ‘Higher Education Commission (HEC) has failed to regularise medical universities and postgraduate medical education and training in Pakistan.

HEC has recognised buildings and pumping funds for the shopping of Italian tiles and expensive equipment. They have no idea about medical education, training of undergraduate and postgraduate medical education in Pakistan.