KARACHI - Karachi Chamber Of Commerce & Industry President Mian Abrar Ahmad has expressed deep concern over disconnecting power supply of 63 manufacturing units in the seven industrial zones by the KESC.

The KCCI president strongly reacted over KESC’s unilateral decision to cut off power supply of manufacturing units which generate their own electricity with captive power plants and also use KESC electricity.

The KESC has prepared a list of 188 such industries which use captive and KESC power. There is extreme unrest among the industrialists due to unilateral disconnections by KESC.

Mian Abrar informed that the industries using captive power were already paying fixed charges and due to one-sided decision of disconnections by KESC, the captive power industries will go to court and also approach the NEPRA.

He further stated that decision taken by KESC along with some business people who had meeting with KESC officials do not have total representation of the business and industrial community of Karachi.

He voiced that unilateral decision by KESC is not acceptable at all and will lead to agitation. He urged the KESC to stop further disconnecting and restore the power of 63 manufacturing units whereby KESC had disconnected the power supply.