Brigadier Ali Khan, the alleged mastermind of a plot to overthrow the government and attack the GHQ, has been accused of having a meeting with the chief of Hizbut Tehrir and establishing Caliphate in Pakistan, reported the BBC.

According to Brigadier Aamir Riaz, the 111 Brigade chief, Ali had told him that Hizbut Tehrir had prepared him for Pakistan and a shadow government was also been finalised for the planned takeover anytime.

Aamir Riaz is the prosecution witness in the case and has been promoted as a major general. Brigadier Aamir (now a major general) in his written statement says during a meeting some months back, Ali expressed dissatisfaction over the current political and military leadership and the system and talked about replacing it with a Caliphate. The prosecution document says Ali disclosed that he enjoyed close contacts with the Hizbut Tehrir and its chief, who is a Palestinian national.

“Brigadier Ali told me that the Hizbut Tehrir has the capability to set up a real Caliphate, which can also establish good governance in Pakistan,” Aamir said in his statement. He further quotes Ali as saying that the Hizbut Tehrir could establish Caliphate in Pakistan only if army handed over the government to it, but it was not possible till the current army leadership was not removed from the scene.

The witness said being an old colleague, he knew Ali as an emotional person, but the discussion could not be ignored expression his emotions.

“Brigadier Ali informed me that some elements in the Pakistan Air Force are supporting the Hizbut Tehrir in its plan and they will eliminate the army leadership by attacking the GHQ with F-16s during a formation and corps commanders’ conference.”

He claimed that Ali asked him (Aamir) his task would be to capture important buildings after the attack.

Brigadier Aamir said he refused the suggestion and work along Ali, who later tried to convince some other officers. It seemed that he was in hurry and wanted to execute the plot at the earliest, as the date of his retirement was drawing near.