MULTAN - Brazilian Ambassador to Pakistan Alfredo Leoni offered to Pakistan on Tuesday that his country could extend all out assistance to Pakistan for construction of new dams and hydro energy projects.

Addressing a news conference here at Multan Chamber of Commerce and Industry, he hoped that Pakistani and Brazilian business communities would soon launch joint ventures as his country accorded utmost importance to the business ties with Pakistan.

“The volume of our bilateral trade has inflated to $ 80 million from $ 44 million and currently our two delegations from Ethnol and Sugarcane sectors are on Pakistan visit,” he added. He said that the world was transforming very fast and China emerged as the leading economy while Brazil became the sixth largest economy on the globe. “I would strongly recommend the local businessmen to establish their businesses and industry in Brazil. They’ll find big scope for business there,” he claimed.

He disclosed that Brazil was the largest exporter of Halal meet in the world while the largest market of Halal meet was in the Middle East that was very near to Pakistan.

“We’re far away from middle east. So we’ll consider launching joint ventures with the businessmen of South Punjab for the marketing of Halal meet,” he announced.

He said that his country could provide high tech machinery and expertise for production of Halal foods. He offered to the businessmen to send their delegations to Brazil, survey markets there and establish linkage with the Brazilian business community. “This way you can send your goods to Brazil and bring trade deficit of your country down,” he added.

He disclosed that Brazil had earmarked 10 scholarships for Pakistani students in the fields of science and Technology as well as medicine while soon the number of these scholarships would be increased. He declared that the interaction with the educational institutions of South Punjab would be increased.  

He acknowledged that all areas of Pakistan were not in the grip of unrest or terrorism and his Multan visit remained highly successful.  He said that the foreign media always played the news of terrorism, blasts and unrest in Pakistan which generated very negative impression of Pakistan in the world. “The only way to bring foreign investment to Pakistan is to eliminate this negative impression, but it’s a very difficult task,” he added. He hoped that Pakistan would soon become a very peaceful country and business activities would pick up here.

Referring to his Multan visit, he said that the motive behind this visit was to develop linkage with the local business community, inform the businessmen of assistances offered by the Brazilian embassy to the businessmen and provide information on business tariffs in Brazil.