ISLAMABAD  - Chief Election Commissioner of Pakistan on Tuesday heard Waheeda Shah case and reserved the verdict till today (Wednesday).

Waheeda Shah has sought unconditional apology.

On Monday, the provincial election commission after completing the enquiry report against Waheeda Shah submitted the same to the Chief Election Commissioner of Pakistan.

Waheeda had tortured polling staff Habiba Memon and others during by-elections on February 25.

It is pertinent to mention here that Habiba Memon had pardoned Waheeda Shah.

TheNation Monitoring adds: The Sindh IG on Tuesday suspended Tando Muhammad Khan DSP Irfan Shah for being a silent spectator in Waheeda Shah case, a private TV channel reported.

According to the private TV channel, Aurangzeb Abbasi replaced Irfan Shah as the DSP Tando Muhammad Khan, who was accused of not doing anything when Waheeda Shah slapped personnel of polling staff.