As expected Syeda Waheeda Shah has been forgiven by the lady teacher Shugufta for assaulting and slapping the latter while performing her duties as the Presiding Officer at a polling station. It is not known whether the wretched lady teacher has forgiven her out of compassion, compensation, coercion or intimidation?  In any case, in this land of the pure how can a poor teacher stand up to a mighty MPA elect, even though while performing her duties she had the magisterial powers and could have ordered the arrest of the perpetrator of the offence? You and me have a hope, Sir? Dear all, there is democracy in the country and a government of the people, by the people and for the people is bent upon protecting it. They will never allow anyone to come in their way and deprive them of the noble norms and practices that democracy bestows upon them and that too by a non-entity like a mere school teacher? Come on people, have a heart. Waheeda Shah has been forgiven, we should also forget it now. Nothing will come out of it further. 


Rawalpindi, March 4.