LAHORE – The Punjab Assembly on Tuesday unanimously adopted two resolutions. In the first, the House recommended making the Quran part of the educational syllabus. In the second, it recommended putting in place alternate source of energy for the industrial sector in the event of the gas loadshedding.

Asma Mamdot presented resolution to make the Quran part of the educational syllabus, which was unanimously adopted by the House, while Ziaullah Shah tabled resolution to meet the energy needs of the industrial sector in the event of gas load shedding and the MPs also supported it unanimously.

While, two resolutions were rejected, one pended and the last was disposed off. The House proceedings, which started with a delay of one hour and fifteen minutes with Speaker Rana Muhammad Iqbal in the chair taking up the question hour session, discussed the agriculture department queries, while Ahmed Ali Aulakh, Minister for Agriculture Punjab replied the queries.

Replying to a query, the minister told the House that the provincial government was making plans to take the exports of the vegetables to two billion dollars. Answering another question, he said that the government was making legislation to take strict action those who were not purchasing the products from the farmers according the prices fixed by the government.

Responding to yet another query, Ahmed said that National Programme for Improvement of Water Courses has facing problems due to delays of on time funds from the federal government, however the provincial government was starting a similar project with a cost of Rs 36 billion.

He told the House that there were 300 seed companies in Pakistan, however certification was the task of the federal government after assessing their quality, while the Punjab Seed Corporation has discovered 51 new seeds, which were being tested at the government farms.