The security agencies always act as a bulwark of society and are believed to provide security and to defend the citizens of a state all over the world. But in our country where a thief turns round and threatens the police officer; where a criminal intimidates the judge and where a sinner lords over the innocent, the security agencies are also counting their beads backwards. It is evident from the fact that the number of relatives of the missing persons is increasing with every passing day in the camp set up in front of the parliament house on 15th of February this year by Amna Janjua under the aegis of Defence of Human Rights. Till today the security agencies have failed to present any convincing refutations that the relatives of the missing persons are wrong and that they are only levelling false allegations that their near and dear ones have been picked up by the agencies. Even if the argument that the missing persons are terrorists is accepted to be true, why they are not being tried in the law courts? Is not it a glaring example of terrorism on the part of the agencies to arrest a person merely on suspicion and to keep him at unknown place for an indefinite period of time? Even a hard core criminal cannot be kept in normal prisons longer than specific period of time unless a judge has decided that it is right. Missing persons issue is perhaps the worst example of state terrorism and the concerned authorities are requested to redress the genuine grievances of the heirs of the missing persons sooner rather than later as this ghastly issue is fast blowing out of proportion and may take the whole country by its grip.


WahCantt, March 6.