LAHORE – PPP MPA Hassan Murtaza, on a Point of Order to take up the issue of development funds, took the House debate on Tuesday to renew oath of allegiance to party’s Co-Chairperson by saying that he would even vote for a ‘dog’ if Asif Ali Zardari directed him to do so.

Hassan pointed out that the provincial government was providing development funds to a turncoat in his constituency and he might not object if the same were provided to a PML-N leader, adding that the provincial government should stop pursuing its tradition of promoting the politics of turncoats.

Punjab Law Minister Rana Sanaullah, replying to PPP lawmaker, said that development funds were never given to a member. “These are allocated for development projects identified by the members.” Sana claimed that millions of rupees of funds, ten jobs in the federal government and the same number of licensees of Kalashnikovs were given to the opposition members in Punjab Governor House.

He added that the PPP made scapegoat one of its activists on March 2 to succeed its deal with a group of turncoats. On this, Hassan claimed that he would knock out any turncoat in the next polls in his constituency even without having development funds on his disposal.

Meanwhile, PML-Q members, Amna Ulfat and Khadija Umer Farooqi taking part in the debate claimed that PML-N top has exposed its political weight by inclusion of Marvi Memon to their ranks. They alleged the PML-N leadership for ditching each of their mentor and loyal friend, besides striking a 10-year deal with Pervez Musharraf and getting funds from the secret agencies to bribe the members of their opponent camps.

Sheikh Alloddin raised the issue of non payment by the sugar mill owners to the sugarcane farmers and Pervaiz Rafique raised hue and cry about the alleged grabbing of his house by the police, while the Speaker directed for prompt action on both of the issues.