After his electoral success, Russian President Vladimir Putin claimed that Russia would not let the world groan under the diktat of what he called ‘some superpower’. He said he would try his best to prevent US aggression against Iran. Russia under Putin has undergone dramatic change, notably through economic reforms. Putin's claim that the world is in disarray, should be taken seriously; there has been a wholesale destruction of a large part of the world as a result of wars stemming primarily from greed and arrogance. Military adventures in Iraq and Afghanistan have left millions dead, greatly damaging the moral and political credibility of the US. Analysts foresee the demise of the American empire given these costly military adventures. The financial crisis that the US has witnessed is predicted as a prelude to its downfall. Russia, on the other hand, has maintained a relatively stable position. For instance, its role in the UN has been encouraging so far as protecting the rights of the endangered states, like Iran, are concerned. Mr Putin also called Prime Minister Gilani on Tuesday to assure him that the bilateral relations that Islamabad wants with Moscow would be cemented. This shows that Russia is now genuinely interested in having strong friendly relations with us. A few days back Russia even offered to fund the IP gas pipeline in return for the award of construction contract to its gas giant Gazprom. We have tried and tested the US throughout our existence. Sadly, we are reaping the whirlwind of this unequal relationship. An economic and military partnership with Russia will hopefully bear fruit. Its re-emergence as a superpower would make for the restoration of a strategic balance in the world that would make it harder for any power to exploit weaker states.