A Leeds woman who is attracted to inanimate objects says she has found true love - with the Statue of Liberty. Amanda Whittaker, 27, says she has fallen head over heels for the New York monument, reports The Sun.

Ms Whittaker, who had a love affair with a drum kit while still at school, said: “She is my long-distance lover and I am blown away by how stunning she is.”

She first fell for “Libby”, as she calls the statue, when a pal in New York posted her a picture online.

Since then she has visited the 151ft statue in person four times, caressing it and leaning out of a window to kiss its hair.

She has even thought about marrying it - but decided against it “because so many others love her too”.

Instead she has settled for a shrine to Libby in her home featuring a 6ft replica, hundreds of smaller models and ornaments and huge US flags. She said: “Other people might be shocked to think I can have romantic feelings for an object, but I am not the same as them.”       –TS