While visiting various parts of the country I have notice that there have been no changes in the condition of the people, both living in the urban and rural areas of Pakistan. Recent policies of Sindh government have added to the deterioration in the health of the people rather than improving it. Vaccines for typhoid and other deadly diseases are not available in the hospitals or in the markets throughout the country.

It is evident that living conditions in Pakistan have worsened in the wake of PML-N government. The buying power of the rupee has declined sharply effecting families and their ability to buy necessary commodities to survive. Malnutrition is rampant, food production has fallen relative to population, and social services have deteriorated both in quantity and quality. Furthermore, Pakistan’s population is exploding amidst severe socio-economic and environmental crisis. The massive influx of illegal aliens in the country is also on the rise. All these problems have been occurring at the same time that the present PML-N government has been implementing socioeconomic reforms prescribed by major donors and financial institutions like the World Bank and International Monetary Fund (IMF) as a necessary pill for curing socio-economic crisis.

The majority of urban population has difficulty in getting clean water in Sindh, adequate shelter, good health care, employment, and other basic services. There are electricity blackouts, inadequate parking spaces around the busy markets, overflowing sewage, congestion of vehicles which do not observe traffic regulations, hospitals without medicine, roads with pot holes, pick-pockets and gangs of armed robbers, and streets without lights and hordes of beggars.

Large slum settlements have emerged due to IDPs, these settlements accommodate the majority of the urban poor who are continuously being marginalized by various processes engendered by both economic crisis and economic reform policies. Is there anyone to sensitize our ruling elite, bureaucrats and technocrats to make genuine investment in health so that we have a healthy nation, instead of an ailing nation, for a healthy economy?


Islamabad, March 5.