LAHORE  - Wednesday’s killing of two infants by their own mother at a house in Johar Town is still an unresolved mystery, which get deeper. The immediate and bold confession of the 23-year-old alleged killer has also raised more questions as to why she killed her kids in the presence of her husband, though he was reportedly in deep slumber at the time of the incident. The motives behind the gruesome killings are not clear yet.

She confessed to the investigators that her kids were unfed for the last three days. For an instance, an eight-month-old baby doesn’t need food as he depends upon breastfeeding.

“Easier to digest, the breast milk is very rich in nutrients and antibodies that helps a baby continue grow,” says a nutritionist at the Lahore Children’s Hospital, who preferred her name not to be published.

The killer also claimed that she was penniless and unable to feed her children including the two-year-old daughter. “How possible it was that the kids were not fed for three days whereas the couple was living in a joint family?” questions an expert in the criminology.

Even if believed as per the killer’s version, she also should have been unfed for the last three days and 72-hour long starvation would have an impact on her face and body. Contrary to her claims, she was perfect and in good health and senses when she was detained by police along with her husband. She was talking to media crews firmly.

Crime experts say they believe that killing the two-year-old by putting her in water tub and the eight-month-old by strangulation by using bandage of circumcision appears strange as well.

According to criminologists, in most of the cases the killers also commit suicide in desperation after killing their loved ones. The incident in which a cancer-patient killed seven members of his family before committing suicide at house in Johar Town last month is a case in point. But this woman did not attempt suicide. Why she wanted to stay alive and for whom if she had killed her children with her own hands? It is also a big question yet to be answered.

According to the accused, she strangulated infant, Muhammad Yousaf, and also killed her two-year-old daughter Minahal when her drug addict husband was in deep slumber in the bed on early Wednesday. Her husband woke up at about 11am. During that period what she did. How she behaved and why she did not attempt suicide?

Living in the posh locality and expensive toys found from the house also raised questions about the poverty claims. Initial police probe revealed that the motive behind the tragedy does not seem the poverty.

A shopkeeper told this reporter that the relations between the couple were not cordial as they used to fight over domestic issues frequently.

The police have registered the case against the mother alone and are investigating the couple.  The officers are advised not to share anything with the media before the much-hyped case comes to a logical end, an official said. When contacted repeatedly, Lahore DIG (Investigation) Zulfiqar Hameed was not available for his comments.