BANGKOK  - It’s easy for tourists to stay safe while visiting Bangkok, which continues to be the most favourite tourist destination in Far East. Thailand has been reeling under strong wave of protests for the last at least six months and largely for more than five years. But all that has not deterred the tourists, who find it hospitable enough. Thursday was no exception and life continued as usual for the tourists and local population as protests continued in different parts of the city.

Most of the protests can be referred to as mobile protests without there being any stage set up. The protesters move about on different vehicles waving flags and singing motivational songs. No harm, only that sometimes the traffic is disturbed. Reportedly there was a protest outside the building of Crime Suppression Unit, some ministries and embassies. The occupied main protest continued near the government buildings and Queen’s Museum.

It was interesting to visit the protesters occupation site. Some could be seen busy in preparing flags and protest material while most could be seen sitting around in groups listening to their leaders on large screens showing live footage. Others could be seen doing work for the movement. On the part of Thai police and army personnel there was no restriction of movement and tourists could be seen moving in and out of the venue or visiting the nearby temples. Some people had set up soft drink and eatables stalls for the visitors.

In Thailand much of the talk is lost in translation, therefore, nothing much to say except for one thing everyone agrees that the solution should be worked on and the protests should end. According to Bangkok Post caretaker Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra’s meeting with army chief Prayuth Chan-ocha in a bid to seek ways to end the political stalemate and establish an understanding between both sides is a good move. Thai people on the whole are hopeful and are keenly playing their role of keeping stability in the country.