The Azad Jammu & Kashmir High Court on Friday ordered the state government to ensure holding of Local Bodies elections in the AJK till September, 2015 (next five months).

The learned court also ordered the AJK government to appoint the Election Commissioner Local Bodies in the state within next one month period.

Mr Justice M. Tabassam Aftab Alvi of the AJK High Court issued the orders on a writ petition filed by Advocate Raja Sajaad Ahmed Khan.

The petitioner, former Vice Chairman AJK Bar Council and member of the sitting AJK Bar Council, had, through a writ petition filed in the AJK HC on December 19, 2013, contended that the AJK government had been successfully holding LG elections till 1996 under the AJK Local Government Act 1990. “But later on the LB elections could not be held by the successive AJK governments on different grounds”, the petitioner underlined by adding that it was tantamount to snatching the right of vote from people of AJK at the gross-roots level.

The petitioner requested the court to issue order for early holding of the Local Bodies elections in AJK under the prevailing AJK Local Government Act without further delay.