A passenger van on its way from Hyderabad to Karachi flipped over, when its front wheel bust near Nooriabad. The vehicle caught fire and claimed the lives of 10 passengers, including a woman and two children. Nine other passengers were injured. The main cause of the accident was said to be the poor road condition, as this patch has many bumps which often cause accidents. Cat’s eyes, known as pavement markers are installed and used for a variety of purposes, and are especially important for making traffic lanes visible to drivers at night, making dangerous curves visible and guiding the drivers, but this section of the road has none. Some days ago, I traveled from Shikarpur to Karachi by road and was shocked that there were no indicators on the road. We appeal to the government to take measures and construct a better Karachi-Hyderabad Super Highways by a reputable and credible construction company and install cat’s eyes in order to avoid deadly accidents.


Sindh, February 24.