Restoration of Bahawalpur as a province remained the most popular demand of the people of the region. In lieu of this legitimate, justified and fair demand Punjab assembly passed two resolutions to meet this popular mandate. However with the changing scenario, of political landscape, this cunning move by the PML-N appears to be deceiving tactic and the so called sacred parliament has turned down its own resolutions exposing stagnant and fake democracy in Punjab. South Punjab lacks credible leadership to further its case in the power corridors and any chance for better leadership has been hampered by the PML-N.

In the upcoming senate elections no seat has been given to south Punjab and the right of the region is hijacked in the name of political slogans of ‘party strength,’ sacrifice and so called national integrity. Dumb and duff leaders of the region, already lacking credentials to speak for the rights of the people and now they are loyal to the Royal family of the Sharif’s. This will further increase deprivation, exploitation in the area. It is clear that the sacred and monopolized senate does not need and consider equitable the representation of the south Punjab. Bahawalpur remains the most stable region of the peace and the harmony that has paid its due share in national development. Depriving the region would lay the foundation of another severe conflict.


Bahawalpur, February 21.