I’ve came across some news that shocked me to the core. A judge in Canada displayed hate against Islam and no one said anything? Is that even possible, we all like to believe that the West does not display any bias to any religion, but we are wrong. A woman Rania El-Alloul faced a judge, in  simple case of getting her car back, when the Judge asked her to either remove her Hijab or get a lawyer. The judge did not hear her case. It is a known fact that 1.5 million people marched in Paris, to show solidarity with the Charlie Hebdo workers, who were killed. The reason for the demonstrations and protests was bragging about the ‘freedom of expression,’ but all that was negated by this case in Montreal.

Since dress is very personal, and no one can ask me or tell me to change it, because they do not like it! Such acts as displayed by Eliana Marengo, the judge must be considered a crime against freedom of expression and the world must gather in Quebec to demonstrate and protest against this bestial act. But I am sure that nothing will be done, as the perpetrator of this was not a Muslim. Imagine anyone asking a nun or a priest or some Jewish rabbi to remove their wimple or the cap that they wear, would the judge still had adjourned the case? Well never heard of any such thing.


Karachi, March 1.